Self Sufficient Steward

“Status Report” Mr. Green Jeans?

Yeah, I know. Cultural overload to channel Kirk and Kangaroo in the same sentence, but it fits the bill.

All crazy on the western front. Work is insanely busy, spring is a month early. We have two new ‘rescue’ dogs, and my wife is squeezing ten years worth of out-of-town travel into six months. I’ve also been looking at setting up a separate area for composting my garden waste. I’m thinking of a fairly efficient set up, possibly with one, maybe more compost tumblers. These simple devices help you toss the compost easily so that it ensures the pile gets evenly composted. I’ve been checking out a couple of websites as background work on which ones a the best to buy.

Anyway, busy times, so, any update is by necessity, a quick pictorial one. From this morning:

Some irises, with a hint or Knockout roses to come.

The ten foot long, high tunnel cold frame (now mostly open) was a huge success for greens through the winter and early spring, The true test? Whether shade cloth can make succession planting work through the summer….stay tuned.

A good spring for plums. The plum curlicos thought so too.

The good news? Tons of baby peachettes. The bad news? The same. So I’ll be removing most (down to one per six inches) so the young tree grows instead of the fruit, leaving enough to whet our appetite for a full grown tree.

Now HERE is the real deal. Midday on Saturday, this 600 square feet of dirt, was a two year-old chicken yard, with foot tall weeds and some seriously entrenched turf. After hours with a borrowed Troy-Bilt Horse and my Mantis tiller, and more hours on my knees with a shovel making the raised beds…..voila! Three dozen (so far) heirloom tomato varieties are comfy, after being raised from seed in the back room. They’re mostly planted about 16″ deep, so drought shouldn’t be an issue (given the water bottles).

Yeah, I buy liniment in bulk.

Credit: Best Rotating Compost Bin for Mixing your Garden Compost (GardenEaze)

Plodding Along

After a period of using Facebook to blather about my world, I’m returning to the blogosphere. No, it’s not because I’m convinced that my story needs to be heard. Rather it’s that my memory sucks, and if no one reads these posts in the future but me, they will have served their purpose.

So, the first phase of the additions started with the front looking like this, taken in mid-February:

Now, on April second, it looks like this:

Six weeks is a long time to just get this far, and it’s been discouraging. But so be it. First, the weather has sucked. Second, I am not the thirty-two year-old that did this part the first time in 1987. Third, this time, it was me and a shovel, mattock and wheelbarrow. No backhoe, etc. And fourth, I did manage to slow progress by squeezing in one trip to the ER and two follow-up medical ‘procedure’ days lost (3/16, 3/24, 3/31) due to ‘acute colitis’ and excessive dehydration. But at this point, I am smarter, lighter, and better hydrated, and looking forward to the next steps. And today, the County gave me a thumbs-up to pour concrete; hopefully tomorrow.

Stay tuned readers. By that, I mean me.