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Genuinely Confused

Moments ago, for the first time, I watched two of Herman Cain’s television ads. In case you missed today’s news:

A CBS/New York Times survey of Republicans nationally finds the former pizza chain executive leading the field with 25% of the vote, 4 percentage points ahead of Mitt Romney.

As for the TV ads, I assume they are supposed to convince us to elect him to a position as the most powerful person in the known universe. Take a look.

Personally. I am genuinely confused.

Who is pulling my leg? Mr. Cain? Or the people responding to the poll?

A fascinating NYT column by perhaps the best known political statistician, Nate Silver, on Herman Cain’s chances, that appeared two days after my original blog post.

And now this, from Jon Huntsman’s daughters…….

One Response to “Genuinely Confused”

  1. I guess this just clarifies for me why I don’t think we can use the system to fix the system. WHO would we elect to do the job??? I don’t see any choices out there, even at the local level. And if we put some good people in, the crusty old eels imbedded in the system will eat them up. The best we can hope for this round is a group that will do the least harm. It doesnt fix anything, just keeps more of us alive for a bit longer.

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