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Trying to take care of my little piece of the planet

Plodding Along

After a period of using Facebook to blather about my world, I’m returning to the blogosphere. No, it’s not because I’m convinced that my story needs to be heard. Rather it’s that my memory sucks, and if no one reads these posts in the future but me, they will have served their purpose.

So, the first phase of the additions started with the front looking like this, taken in mid-February:


Now, on April second, it looks like this:

Footings Approved

Six weeks is a long time to just get this far, and it’s been discouraging. But so be it. First, the weather has sucked. Second, I am not the thirty-two year-old that did this part the first time in 1987. Third, this time, it was me and a shovel, mattock and wheelbarrow. No backhoe, etc. And fourth, I did manage to slow progress by squeezing in one trip to the ER and two follow-up medical ‘procedure’ days lost (3/16, 3/24, 3/31) due to ‘acute colitis’ and excessive dehydration. But at this point, I am smarter, lighter, and better hydrated, and looking forward to the next steps. And today, the County gave me a thumbs-up to pour concrete; hopefully tomorrow.

Stay tuned readers. By that, I mean me.

7 Responses to “Plodding Along”

  1. Well, it appears that you have made progress and the weather has been erratic. Don’t be hard on yourself. I admire your commitment to your project. Keep the photographs coming and do remember to imbibe adequate liquids. Oh, and do let me know when the strawberries are ready! I have a one track mind.

  2. Beware. My husband is going in for a hernia repair after our winter project. Years ago dehhydration on another project brought on a kidney stone. Be careful out there. (And, see, you do have readers.)

  3. Still reading!

  4. TYVM you’ve solved all my problems

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  6. These are the zombies that are going to invade the farmlands when the collapse comes….seeking to seize food production under the guise of Agrarian Reform.We've seen these Redshirts before, over and over again.Arm yourselves.

  7. I think the whole series is feminist before its time, because you’ll notice she’s always an excellent driver (as early as the 1932 books), she always stands up to whichever crook rather than run away, she goes out with Ned when she wants and with some other guy if she damn well feels like it, she’s always helping out widows and orphaned girls–the whole thing is just so positive, but almost like it doesn’t want you to notice, so there are no speeches about how independent Nancy is or anything.

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