Self Sufficient Steward

Wallowin’ in Pollen

Crazy warm late winter here in central NC. It resulted in our fruit trees making it through without a late hard frost whackin’ the blossoms, as often happens. Below is a bit of video of the variety of pollinators busy on one of the plum trees. That clip merges in to another, showing what is really happening 24/7 this time of year, but hard to see when the sun is up. Tissue anyone?


Following a rare Christmas Day snowfall, we’re tucked away under five inches of snow (so far). The power has flicked off a few times, so I fully expect that it will sign off soon. I’m glad that we’re in pretty good shape if that happens; the woodpile is pretty full, as is the propane tank for hot water and cooking. The kerosene lamps and flashlights are ready to rock and the cistern pump and UV water sanitizer can be unplugged from the house power and plugged into the generator in a matter of minutes. So, I can hopefully catch up on some reading and maybe even manage a blog post or two.

Happy Holidays to all.

Some scenes from central North Carolina.

One of the spring’s new pear ‘babies’.